About Amy


Single mom.  Runner.  Mental Illness Warrior.

I would have never thought of myself as a runner when I was younger.  I used to think “what the hell are those people doing?”  (Especially those that ran in the winter!)

I never, ever, imagined I would be diagnosed with a mental illness before the age of 40.

Being a single mom:  Well, it has made me a better person, despite all of the struggles associated with doing it on your own.

After becoming injured in the spring of 2014 I needed a way to vent about all of the things going on in my life that I had no control over.  I couldn’t get a clear head through running while I waited for a diagnosis and treatment (which ended up being surgery).

It was suggested by a friend of mine that I start a blog.  Sharing my story and struggles could create a new community for me.  Maybe there were others out there going through something similar.

Little did I know it would open up a whole new circle of friends and allow me to meet some amazing people.

This blog is where I go to share my struggles, successes and frustrations and not feel like I am whining (well, okay, sometimes I still feel like I am whining, lol).  I also love sharing opinions about what works (and doesn’t work) for me when it comes to running.

Ready to come along?  I hope you stick around for a bit.  This is one wild ride.