The Post Where I Talk About My Lettuce


Because I am growing my own romaine lettuce in my kitchen!! 

Yes, in my kitchen.

All over the interwebs, I have been reading how you can stick the stump of romaine lettuce in water and it will grow back.

So, being the inquisitive person I am I decided that I would try this out.  

Because apartment.

(No house with a yard makes it hard to master any mad gardening skills I may have lurking in this body of mine.)

So, I took my little stump of romaine, found a glass once belonging to my Nanny, and filled that sucker with water until it reached the bottom of the stump.

TeenThing saw my little experiment and I got the “Whatever Mom”.

BUT….a couple of days later:

There it was…LETTUCE! 

(And yes, I boasted about this magical development to her, lol.)

At first I was switching out the water every day, because it was discoloured.  But now, I am just leaving it be, and just the other day I checked it’s status:


I am keeping it in the kitchen window because of my two nosey cats.

For whatever reason, they don’t jump into this window.  

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can harvest this little guy and eat the fruits of my labour.

Have you ever grown anything in your apartment or on your balcony?

How did it go?

Feel free to share in the comments below!



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