The Post Where I Tell You How Much I Love Coffee…

Because I LOOOOOVE Coffee

A lot.

It makes me very happy, and tolerable.

An Amy without coffee is a whiny headachy Amy.

And yes, it’s caffeine.

And yes, it’s an addiction.

Try to take it away from me and I just may bite you.

Mmmmm, Starbies 🙂

The early days…

I have to admit, at first, coffee was a “wake up” mechanism for me in my late teens, early 20s.

For a while, I was a Tim Horton’s “Double Double” freak.  That stuff was like crack for me.  

Especially after becoming a parent.

Coffee was the nectar of the gods.

But then came IBS (thanks insides), the cream had to go, and when it went I actually tasted the coffee.

Sorry Timmie lovers, but my tastebuds went ICK.  Same for the at work coffee at the time.  

Hello bean grinder and roasted coffee beans!

So, I had a mission.

To find the bean for me.

Off I went!

Costco provided me with some options, which gave me my starting point in the bean universe.

My parents also did the grind and brew.  They introduced me to Just Us beans, and my tastebuds rejoiced!

I was a mad woman.  Trying beans left and right.  A little Kicking Horse here…a little Jumping Bean there.

It was a cornucopia of wicked awesome for my mouth.

And then, the machines…


And so, because I am a single mom and don’t always have time to make the perfect cup during the week, I hinted around how a Keurig would be great to try and behold….Santa brought me one.

It was not the supreme replacement for my beans, but it came pretty close and it gave me my fix before I left the house.

This is extremely important.  Unleashing decaffeinated Amy on the outside world is just…plain…wrong.

And she’s kinda scary…

Unfortunately for me, and humanity at the time, the Keurig died.


So I moved to Tassimo with it’s bar codes and pods.  I was pleased as well with this little machine.  

And the Teen Thing rejoiced, because Mama had her coffee and all was well with the world.

But lately….


I am grinding my beans in the morning.  Because it tastes soooooo gooooood.

I am buying local.

But most importantly, I am staying caffienated.  Because like Lorelai Gilmore, I run on coffee.

Hello Kitty knows what’s up

There are some local beans I have yet to try.  So they are next up on my hit list.

I am looking at you Full Steam and Laughing Whale.





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