Why Motivational Posters Don’t Motivate Me and Other Random Stuff

Not on a “Bash All Motivational Posters” Post Here….


Because sometimes a little, “Hey, you rock” may be just what we need to get through the day.

But for the most part, they don’t always end up conveying anything to me.
And trust me when I say I have “pinned” my share of these things.  Because when I am feeling really crappy, I am hoping they give me a little something something.
Certain ones do…and certain ones don’t.
One that kind of bothers me, is this one (which I found on Pinterest and see everywhere in it’s different forms):

I will tell you why it bothers me:  when you are in the throws of depression, or suffering from extreme anxiety, your body shuts down.  It hurts.  All over.
Yes, I know I need to move, and I know I shouldn’t be eating my feelings.  But eating doesn’t hurt as much as moving does, so eating wins.


I mean, I’ve done it.  Exercised and run while I was in the throws of depression.  My first 10km race was done while I was suffering from depression (and I didn’t know it at the time) and I was zoned out the whole time and hurt like hell.  Then there is the whole anxiety aspect…if I go outside, people will SEE me.  See how sick I am, or think I am not sick and mock me.  It was a good thing there is a walking path that is surrounded by trees where I live.  I didn’t want ANYONE to see me.  It’s a double edged sword people. 
What works for me?  Humour.  Hands down.  Give me some wicked funny animal memes or coffee/food memes.  I will chuckle and smile.
What else motivates me?  My running/fitness/blogger family on Twitter and Instagram.  Because they get it.  They know that every now then a good motivational poster is kickass, but they don’t do it every minute of every day.  They show what THEY are doing to keep moving and say why they are doing it.
They are also there to say, “Hey, it’s a bad day, better ones ahead.  You’ve got this.”
They don’t break out into motivational speeches.
Because at the end of the day, I just want to know I am human and it’s okay to have a setback.  Whether it be a physical or emotional one.  I am harder on myself than anyone could ever be on me.
I just want to know I will be okay.  Okay?

Mini Rant Over….

My FitBit is not a frequent flyer.  I wear it some days and not others.  I am not wearing it right now, because I just don’t feel the need.
I am moving every day, whether it be walking, working out at the gym, or doing yoga at home.  I’m good.



Getting closer.  About a month and a half away!  Now that I am this close, it is taking everything in me to NOT lace up and run.
But I am staying on track, strength training and feeling pretty good with my progress.  Yay!
This right now, my journey back to lacing up my sneaks, this is what motivates me.  Because running makes me feel GREAT.  

So Tell Me….

What are your fav and not so fav motivational posters?
Where do YOU find your motivation?






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