Thankful Thursday!!!

Since today has been absolutely EVIL….


I am going to share what I have on my “Thankful List”.  Just because!

Hopefully, it will inspire you to start your own.

Okay – my running list of what I am grateful for:
Being a mom, when I thought I would never be one.
All of my relationships, because I have learned from each one.
My family.
My friends.
Cute animal memes – because right now they are making me laugh.  And I need that.
I can walk.
I can almost run.
I can crochet.
Mistakes, because they make me learn.
My work family.
My job – even though a lot of the time it is very hard to read some of the things I need to read.
My twitter family.
Running skirts.
My depression and anxiety – because I am forced to take a step back and focus.
Bubble wrap.
My awesome hair.
Poutine – because cheese.
Bacon – even if it does start out as baby piggies.
My cats – even though they drive me BONKERS.
Regular Yoga.
Wine.  Fermented fruit never tasted so good.
The ocean – because it just makes everything better.
Kebab Kitchen – because HELLO.
My wicked awesome Hydro Flask – it keeps my water cold and my coffee hot – FOREVER.
My FitBit – because it let’s me know I AM really still moving around.
My mom’s pacemaker.
My dad’s open heart surgery 11 years ago.
My survival after a physically and mentally abusive marriage.
My miscarriage – I know that seems strange.  I can explain in detail at a later time.
The fact that Saturday night’s art class was only $25.
Fries that come in cute little buckets.
Pulled pork.
The fact that even though I don’t have a car – but can still get around the city on ze bus.
Big fuzzy slippers.
The sun on my face, even in the winter.
Thunder and lightening.
Makeup, cause it’s fun.
Red shoes – if Dorothy can get back home, then I can at least look good in them 🙂
Fog – because it takes away the snow….. Even though my hair suffers greatly.
Cookies.  No explanation needed.
Strawberries.  Even the wild ones.
Oh!… Where the Wild Things Are.  Because Max.
My sense of humour.
My fingernails…. They are supa strong and look great painted 🙂
Cinnamon buns.
Hash browns.
Greek yogurt.  Nom nom nom.
Blueberries – the small low bush ones.  I used to pick them with my Nanny in CB.
Technology – because I am typing this on a bus.
Alanis Morrissette.
Fleece.  Sheets and zip ups and PJs.
Costco – because cheap fruit and veggies.
My faith in the human race, even though they disappoint me daily.
Nerds (the candy).
Madonna.  Because I dressed like her in Grade 9.
My military family life.  I can adapt to my environment.
The fact that I still cry, even though I don’t like it – it makes me feel weak and out of control.
Sleep.  I am a sleep whore.
My super awesome pillow top bed and that fact I have to launch myself into it.
Gummie bears, worms, etc.

So go on, get writing 🙂



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