Days 4 and 5 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge – SORE ABS!!!

This should totally say Day 4!!!  oops…I was seriously lacking caffeine here   
Day 5 and baby I am SORE.

Okay, so Days 4 and 5 was one big core workout split into two days.

When I heard that, I should have been prepared.

If you just sat there and watched the two videos, you’d be like…”hey, that’s not that hard.”

But it was hard.

My core is sore.  Which is good.  Because it’s an area runners should be paying attention to.  Our core is the stabilizer.

My obliques are suffering…lol.

Erin had some great moves in here for your waist and I was super sweaty after each session.  Bonus points!!  If I don’t sweat, I don’t feel like I am working out.  It’s probably why I am loving this challenge so much.  I get sweaty 😉

Starting tomorrow, I am back at the gym for some very low impact cardio.  So back on the bike and the elliptical.  Taking it easy and listening to my knee.  Also getting back into my weight training to get myself back in super awesome condition for when I get back in my running sneakers and have everyone EAT MY DUST….lol!

For Day 6 – Back work.  Really looking forward to this tomorrow morning 🙂

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!  I am back to the grind at my 9-5 tomorrow.  So an early night for me.

Love and light!



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