Day 3 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge – With Cats!!!

This morning was all about posture.

My cats also wanted to be involved.

This means I need to feed them BEFORE my yoga.  Noted.

Had to make some adjustments today, as trying to stabilize on a bent knee(s) was causing issues.  Mostly the right knee.  The one that is going to be sliced open.

So we’ll say today was a bit of a struggle, but I did it 🙂

(Even though when coming out of Downward Dog and going into Chatarunga Dandasana my older cat stayed beneath my head and got squished.  Sorry Nala!)

And no, those are NOT snowmen on my pants…………..maybe.

No matter how my day goes, I am thankful for my morning yoga and my evening meditation.

My next post will be at the end of the weekend….Days 4 and 5.

Whatever fitness related activity you are currently doing, keep at it!  Every day is a new day, so don’t be discouraged if one day is great and the next stinks.  It happens to everyone 🙂




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