A Scary Day Here in Canada

Little did I know that as I sat and chatted with the surgeon

The world outside was changing dramatically.

Soldier shot, gunfire inside the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa.  


This just days after another Canadian Soldier had been run down in Quebec.

This doesn’t happen here.  I hear so many people saying that today.  But it can always happen, anywhere.  And it did happen today. Here. 

The Soldier shot today, who was standing post at the War Memorial, was pronounced dead this afternoon.  Being from a military family, this makes my heart ache.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this ongoing situation.

A thank you goes out to those still working to keep us all safe, and who dropped everything to help.

It makes my news seem small and insignificant

My knee in 3D MRI

I was told today that there was to be no more running until my surgery, and that I could be waiting for 6 months (at the longest).  I have a 1+cm piece of bone/cartilage floating around in my knee, the gap where the lesion broke off and a piece that is in there hanging on.  If this piece is still “alive”, it will be pinned into place (longer recovery).  The area where I lost the “floatie” is in and underneath, so they are hoping that with the possible pin placement that the CarGel will work.  If the piece is not “alive”, well then that is coming out too.


So, I am being booked for surgery, the pins are being ordered and my surgeon is checking on when CarGel is being released here in Canada.

Not being able to run is going to be awful.  I will be doing a lot of walking, yoga and making sure I don’t eat my disappointment for now.  Keeping in perspective that when this is all over, I can start to get back on track and run again.

So for the next little while, it will be Crazy Mama Yogas and Crazy Mama Walks and Crazy Mama is Trying to Not Eat Her Emotions.

I have lined up some of my old workouts that I will be posting every now and then.  These workouts assisted in the loss of 30 inches over my body.  I will also be reading a lot and posting about food.

So hang tight.  Thank you for joining me on this journey so far, and thank you for continuing to hang on through my knee adventure.



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