Why I love my #FitFam

I have this awesome group of people in my #Fit Fam

Some of them I only know from online sources (Twitter, my fellow My Soxy Feet, Girls Gone Sporty and Sweat Pink Ambassadors), and others in my every day existence.

I call them my #FitFam, and some are a part of my Twitter #WaltonsFam.

They are runners, yogis, lifters, cyclists and all-in allawesome people.  Some I am related to, one I am dating, and others are former and recent fellow trainers I have met.  (My trainer career was short, but I learned a lot and made some awesome friends!)

They blow up my phone every day with fun and interesting things to talk about, or just general words of encouragement.

Best of all, these people lift me up.  I can’t run a lot right now, which is a total bummer.  But my #FitFam gets it.  They know I can still yoga, get out for a walk/hike/bike (smallish runs) and do not judge the fact that I am in injury limbo until I get my knee surgery done (hopefully before this year is done!).

These folks are supportive, making my small efforts feel wonderful.  This helps me keep things in perspective.  I strive to continue forward, even though there is a time coming soon that I will be out of the game for at least 6-8 weeks.

To my #FitFam – thank you.  You inspire me.  You lift me up and remind me that I am capable of anything.



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