Storm Bloggin’

So as I wait for an MRI and watch the trees get all bendy….

I have been packing for my move, watching my twitter feed and crocheting….yes, I crochet 😉  It relaxes me and my brain. Especially this week, when I’ve had some really SCHLUMPY days. 

I get to make stuff like this (Aim’s Crochet Barn):

On the physical fitness front: I am waiting for my ENERGYbits prize pack and My Soxy Feet super awesome socks to come in the mail.  SO EXCITED!!! Things like this keep me on the positive side while I do my core body workouts and yoga until I am able to run again!  Also, back to working on my plank….need to get back to anything over 1min 30sec….lol.

As for Storm Bloggin’ – we’ve been fortunate to still have our power today with Post Tropical/Tropical/Pain in the Butt Arthur.  Which is great, because I have gotten so much done today and been able to live vicariously through other runners on Twitter doing their thing this weekend 🙂

Lots of trees down and power lines snapped in the city and surrounding areas and I know that it’s just as nasty in NB and PEI.  So for those getting their run on today – run safe, bob and weave 😉  


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