Running Stuff – Sneakers and Pronation

Did someone say sneakers???

Us runners love our stuff.  We’re like stuff junkies.

For instance, our sneakers.  

 I never really understood the obsession before I started running.
 Now, I am a sneaker junkie.  I ran in Sauconys for my first couple of races.  When I couldn’t find a pair that fit like my original Pro Grids, I went on the hunt.  Blood blisters from an ill fitting pair of sneakers after a long run are NOT fun.

It was then I found out I was an Underpronation kind of gal.

After some searching, I found a pair of Nike Vomeros that were cushioned well, so I laced them up in preparation for my second half marathon!

They were also my race sneaks for the Valley Harvest Marathon 10k and for the Lucky 7 Relay.  I ran that 7km in 38 minutes 🙂  Zoom zoom! 

I was able to do a few runs in my new Nike Lunaracer+ 3 sneaks before my injury….I currently LOVE these sneakers.  They hug my feet and are so light.

Finding the right sneaker is so important.  If you are not sure what your feet need, go to a running store and get fitted, get your gait tested.  Your feet and legs deserve it!


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